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We send you a detailed installation instruction, bolts and a 12V DC adapter. Don’t forget! You need a room thermostat next to KonvekPRO to operate.

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Lock KonvekPRO onto the wall next to the gas convector as fas as the tube of the heat probe allows it. Carefully extract the gas convector’s heat probe from its casing and connect it to KonvekPRO.  Connect KonvekPRO and room thermostat with a two wired cable. Please read your home thermostat’s installation manual for correct installation. Set the gas convector’s heat knob to 6,5-7 position. Set the needed temperatures and heating periods on the room thermostat.

You can connect more KonvekPROs into a single room thermostat. All you need is to join the KonvekPRO’s left controll points separately from the right controll points, then connect to your room thermostat.


KonvekPRO is compatible for all gas convectors. FÉG, Lampart, Pelgrim, Demrad are the main gas convector manufacturers, but if you’re not sure about your convector, please contact us. KonvekPRO operates on 12V DV power supply, which is part of the package. Short voltage outages does slighly influence its operation, but in case of longer outages, please set the gas convector’s heat knob back to a lower setting. If  power outages are frequent in your vicinity, please make sure to connect KonvekPRO into a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).


Technical parameters

Size: 83mm x 83mm x 36mm
Weight: 115g
DC adapter voltage: 12V, 500mA
DC adapter connector: 2.1×5.5mm
Electrical consumption: Max 3W (effektív 1,5W)

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