What is KonvekPRO?

Gas convector controlling by digital thermostat!

KonvekPRO is the one and only really working gas convector upgrade. You can easily controll your gas convector with digital thermostat. Its important, that you don’t have to modify the gas convector, so its safe.

KonvekPRO - gázkonvektor vezérlés szobatermosztáttal

You can safe up to 30% on your gas bills. KonvekPRO is also convenient: get rid of waking up in cold rooms or arrive to a freezing home.

More that 78% of the families using KonvekPRO reported at least 10% of gas consumption decrease.

How does it work?

KonvekPRO can turn on or off the gas convector by modifing the temperature of its heat probe based on the temperatures and heating periods set up on the room thermostat. Installation is very easy, gas convector does not needed to be modified, therefore it’s safe. KonvekPRO is compatible with all gas convectors.

230V voltage is needed for operation. (12V adapter is part of the package)

KonvekPRO - gázkonvektor vezérlés szobatermosztáttal

Connect the gas convector’s heat probe into KonvePRO.

KonvekPRO - gázkonvektor vezérlés szobatermosztáttal

Connect KonvekPRO and room thermostat with a two wired cable.

KonvekPRO - gázkonvektor vezérlés szobatermosztáttal

Set the needed temperatures and heating periods on the thermostat!


You’re ready!

You can controll more gas convectors with a single room thermostat. In this case, you need as much KonvekPROs as many gas convectors you have.

Further information here.

More information on KonvekPRO setup with Computherm Q7RF wireless thermostat here:

KonvekPRO installation
Are you in doubt?


“I’ve found KonvekPRO very good and useful though I’ve only been using it for a few months! The room temperature is really as much as I’ve set on the digital thermostat”
Tamás Bodnár, Nyíregyháza

“A very good device – the convector can easily be upgraded”
Sándor Varga, Pusztavacs

“… Works perfectly, it does what has been promised! Congratulations for the invention and good luck!”
Tősér family, Nyíregyháza

“… A real niche product, I am very satisfied with it. The wireless room thermostat is more accurate, more convenient instead of setting the convector’s temperature knob.”
Zoltán, Budapest

KonvekPRO has been awarded by Hungarian Science Academy and University of Pécs

KonvekPRO - Gázkonvektor-vezérlés szobatermosztáttal!

and has many other recognitions.

KonvekPRO - Gázkonvektor-vezérlés szobatermosztáttal!
KonvekPRO - Gázkonvektor-vezérlés szobatermosztáttal!
KonvekPRO - gázkonvektor vezérlés szobatermosztáttal


No, you don’t. Installation is super easy. Gas convector does not needed to be modified, so anyone can install it.

Yes, it is practically compatible with all gas convectors. If you’re not sure, please contact us.

Yes. KonvekPRO and KonvekPLUS work with 12V, the adapter is part of the package.

Basically with all which switches short circuit. Please read your thermostat’s manual or consult your retailer.

Yes, it is possible. You need as many KonvekPROs as many gas convectors you have. Connect all KonvekPROs into the room thermostat and all of them will be controlled at the same time.

Yes it is. They’re operating on different frequencies, so they wont’ controll each other’s KonvekPRO by a malfunction.

Setting the heat knob to 6.5 – 7, it is aroung 3-5 minutes.

Only in case of a wired room thermostat.

Very few. It consumes only 1,5 watts.

Just unplug KonvekPRO or KonvekPLUS and turn off the gas valve.

Not too much. You can use a blower or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the heat probe.

It depends on each country, but in most of the case 7-10 days.

We offer 3 years for KonvekPRO and KonvekPLUS. For the thermostat we give one year. Please make sure to send original invoice for proper guarantee administration.

Do you have any questions?

Please let us know and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

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